FEATURING Photographer Nitewalk – Tan Bing Dun (incollaboration with Artfullysg)

FEATURE BLOG: Singapore Photographer
His real name is Tan Bing Dun Nick/Artist name : Nitewalk


When did you start and what makes you started?

I started shooting actively on my birthday in 2012. I had a Canon 1000D since 2010 but wasn’t really into it. I guess i just got bored one day and decided to do something different on my birthday and i got quite an amazing sunrise sky!

Where does your Inspiration comes from?

I simple check out good locations and verify if the sun is in the correct direction.

What is your best achievement?

Erm, none! Haha. I entered my works for International Photography Award competition for the past few days and only got Honourable Mention.

Which is your personal favourite?

I dont have a personal favourite, to be honest. I don’t feel satisfied by my works.

Who inspires you?

Various. Actually, I scroll around facebook and instagram for inspiration. I follow Elia Locardi, Michael Shainblum and a few others. There are also many inspiring Instagram shooters and i can’t name all without leaving out some really good ones!

Advice for aspiring artist?

Shoot more, watch tutorials and experiment. Have a firm belief and style while adapting new methods to suit your way of shooting.

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